Energetic Healing
The underlying principal of energetic healing is that all physical, mental, and emotional symptomsare a reflection of a disruption in the energetic body. Therefore, if the energy flow is restored, symptoms should naturally dissipate. Life-force energy is the vital energy that animates the body, when free flowing it keeps us healthy--physically, mentally, and emotionally. When there are blocks in this energy flow, which manifest as static in our systems, symptoms such as pain and disease emerge. These blocks or leaks of energy occur in response to daily physical and emotional stress as well as serious physical and emotional traumas. Though it is possible for such blocks to heal themselves, many do not heal completely. Energetic healing facilitates this recovery, restoring life and vitality. Form is directly related to function; when smoothness and form is restored energy can flow properly.
Polarity therapy restores the balance in a person's energetic body by connecting and facilitating energy flow between various positive and negative pole points in the body. Polarity also works on the mirror principle a well known example of which is reflexology, the understanding that our hands, feet, and ears are miniature maps of our bodies. Through gentle touch and/or guided discussion, the practitioner will help strengthen spots in the energetic body that are weak, calm spots that are overstimulated, and generate movement where the energy is blocked.
Craniosacral Therapy
As part of polarity therapy or a practice on it's own, cranio-sacral therapy restores the cranial pulse to a uniform wave. The cranio-sacral pulse is the wave that moves throughout the body via connective tissue that joins all the organs, bones, and muscles together. In a healthy state this energy pulse should move freely. This pulse may be restored with gentle touch of the head, neck, tailbone, and tension points in the body.
Nervous System Unwinding
Nervous system unwinding involves verbal and listening skills to promote body awareness, mindfulness, and how to work with that to unwind the nervous system and discharge tension and holding patterns in the body.
The Polarity Center
Healing Modalities

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